Sport Seat Viper


Model Viper Sport for Vespa Lageframe Oldie

The Viper model is the shortened version of the model Pace.
In contrast to the Pace model, the Viper model is flush with
In contrast to the Pace model, the Viper model is flush with the side and rear bead of the Vespa frame. This beautifully designed
detail means that the seat follows the natural shape of the frame.
Short and flush, the seat forms a single unit with the scooter and
makes it look as if it has been cast from a single mould.
There is a discreetly integrated lock at the front of the seat
to secure the tank and the seat.


  • Suitable for Vespa Largeframe Oldie: VBB, VNA, VNB, VBC, Sprint, GL, 180 SS, T4, 125 GTR, TS 125Motovespa GT, Bajaj,..
    Rally and 160 GS: only if the high tank has been replaced by a flat one
  • Prices starting at 314 € depending on the equipment attributes. Foldable rain cover included
  • Completely upholstered with high-class composition-leather
  • Fully customizable deck, side, piping and seams made from a variety of materials and colors
  • Three stitched seam pattern options are available to choose from: parallel, diamond pattern or honeycomb pattern. Seam colors are freely selectable.
  • Comfortable padding made of high quality foam
  • Lockable with a discreetly integrated lock in the front area (only with standard fastening system or rear hinge)
  • Two different special hinges available as an upgrade option to the standard fastening
  • Seat Kit includes: upholstered seat with substructure made of brushed stainless steel cover, fastening material, 2 keys, high-quality rain cover and detailed installation instruction

Each seat will be manufactured individually upon request.
Customers who opt for an optional hinge upgrade receive
the substructure of the seat and the hinge partially dismantled
(requires assembly).

Manufacturing time: appr. 3 weeks plus shipping.