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Seat configuration


Vespa Smallframe

Model Pulse Sport - 309 €

Model Pulse Touring - 309 €

Model Pulse 1S Sport - Only for Vespa 1st Series with small tank and large toolbox (e.g. V90) - 309 €

Model Pulse 1S Touring - Only for Vespa 1st Series with small tank and large toolbox (e.g. V90) - 309 €

Vespa Largeframe Oldie

Model Pace Sport - 309 €

Model Pace Touring - 309 €

Model Viper Sport - 309 €

Model Viper Touring - 309 €

Vespa P-Series

Model Curve Sport - 309 €

Model Curve Touring - 309 €

Vespa T5

Model Delta - 309 €

Vespa PK

Model Flow - 309 €

Vespa Rally

Model Rally Sport incl. front hinge - 419 €

Model Rally Touring incl. front hinge - 419 €

Vespa Wideframe

Model Fusion GS3 incl. front hinge - 429 €

Model Fusion ACMA incl. front hinge - 429 €

Lambretta Series 2 and 3

Model Vento, short version - 309 €

Model Vento, long version incl. front hinge - 419 €


Stitched seam pattern:

Parallel stitching

Diamond stitching (+59 €)

Honeycomb stitching RS6 (+89 €)

Color deck:

Color sides:

Color piping:

Color seams:

Fastening System:

Standard fastening system

Hinge Upgrade Smallframe, rear, lockable (+139 €)

Hinge Upgrade Largeframe, front (+99 €)

Hinge Upgrade Largeframe, rear, lockable (+109 €)

Hinge Upgrade Lambretta, front (+109 €). With or without side lock

Hinge Upgrade Rally


Flexible ratchet for an easier installation of the rear hinges (+5 €)

Various (Please use message field...)





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