FlatCap PWK 28

The FlatCap carburetor cap was specifically designed as an alternative to the conventional carburetor caps. The flat shape prevents a collision of the carb with the Vespa frame during the deflection process of the rear shock-absorber and guarantess more clearance in spatial conditions.

The FlatCap carburetor cap is CNC milled out of high-strength aluminium and to minimize the friction of the throttle, it is equipped with an internal deflection pulley.


  • Suitable for Keihin PWK 28 carburetors or models that are identical in design
  • Completely milled out of high-strenth aluminium
  • Equipped with an intenal deflection pulley
  • Price: 79,95 €


The adjusment screw and gasket have to be taken from the original carburetor.